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Percona blip channel

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Percona blip channel

by Percona

Published 2012

This is a grab of the Percona blip channel before it was removed.

Here is the list of videos:
11 Harrison Fisk-percona-live-caraveggio-H.264 800Kbps Streaming
2 Sergay-percona-live-caraveggio-percona
4 Yves
6 Baron-percona-live-caraveggio-percona
7 Graham-percona-live-caraveggio-percona
Amazon Cloud Recipes
A New High Availability Solution for MySQL
Automated Performance Testing with JMeter and Maven
Balanced Patricia Tries for Disk-Based Databases
Baron Schwartz _ Keynote
Big Bad Postgres - A Multi-Terabyte Instance
Boost Performance with MySQL 5.1 Partitions
Building a Dedicated Analytics Server with LucidDB
Building a High Availability MySQL Cluster with Percona Replication Manager (PRM)
Choosing a MySQL High Availability Solution
CouchDB - Behind the Buzz
Covering Indexes - Orders-of-Magnitude Improvements
Creating Backups with Percona XtraBackup
Database Performance with Proxy Architectures
Deploy MySQL Like a DevOps SysAdmin
Detecting MySQL IO problems on Linux at different abstraction layers
Diagnosing MySQL Replication Failures [part 1]
Diagnosing MySQL Replication Failures [part 2]
Diagnosing MySQL Replication Failures [part 3]
Diagnosing MySQL Replication Failures [part 4]
Distributed Data Warehousing
Drizzle's Approach to Improving Performance of the Server
Efficient Pagination Using MySQL
EMT - Better Performance Monitoring
EXPLAIN Demystified Webinar Presented on 02-22-2012
Exploiting Multi-Core Processors, Flash Memory and High Performance Networking
Fighting MySQL Replication Lag
Full Text Search Throwdown
Future Perfect - The Road Ahead for MySQL
High Performance Erlang
High Performance MySQL from a Boring Architecture
Hive - Distributed Data Warehousing with Hadoop
How NoSQL Complements MySQL
How to Think About Performance
How to Turbo-charge your MySQL Performance using Flash Storage
Hunting Down Problems with oProfile
Improvements in MySQL 5.5 and 5.6
Industrial-Strength MySQL Applications Using Percona and Continuent
InnoDB Performance Tuning
Introduction to Percona Server
Keynote - What Comes Next by Mark Callaghan
Lightning Talks
Linux Filesystems - Who, What and Where
Making PBXT Faster
Managing Big Data with Percona Server, XtraBackup, and Tungsten
Measuring Scalability and Performance with TCP
Migrating MyISAM to InnoDB
Migrating to Percona XtraDB Cluster
Models for Hierarchical Data in SQL and PHP
Monitoring MySQL with Percona Monitoring Plugins
MySQL and Search at Craigslist
MySQL and SSD - Usage and Tuning
MySQL Data Recovery Webinar
MySQL Indexing Best Practices
MySQL Replication - Getting The Most From Slaves
Non-Disruptive Backups
Object Oriented CSS - for high performance websites and applications
Open Q&A - Feature Request Bonanza _ Part 1
Open Q&A - Feature Request Bonanza _ Part 2
Optimizing MySQL Configuration Webinar
Percona XtraDB Cluster - Installation and Setup
Performance Instrumentation - Beyond What You Do Now _ Part 1
Performance Instrumentation - Beyond What You Do Now _ Part 2
PLMCE 2012 Keynote - Making LAMP a Cloud by MÃ¥rten Mickos
PLMCE 2012 Keynote - MySQL - Still the Best Choice for Mission-Critical Data
PLMCE 2012 Keynote - The MySQL Evolution
PLMCE 2012 Keynote - The New MySQL Cloud Ecosystem by Brian Aker
PLMCE Closing Keynote
Preventing downtime in production MySQL servers
Preventing Downtime in Production MySQL Servers
Pushing the Envelope - 1
Pushing the Envelope - 2
Quick wins with third party MySQL patches
Removing I_O Bottlenecks in Large Query Intensive Applications
Running an E-Commerce Database In The Cloud
Running a Realtime Stats Service on MySQL
Ryan 3
Ryan 4
Scaling with Postgres
Sphinx and MySQL - A Perfect Match
Sphinx Cheatsheet
SQL Injection Myths and Fallacies
State of the MySQL Ecosystem
The Hazards of Multi-writing in a Dual-Master Setup
The Ideal Performance Architecture
The Life of a Dirty Page
The Return of Gearman
Tools and Techniques for Index Design
Trees and More with PostgreSQL
Understanding HandlerSocket - A NoSQL PlugIn For MySQL
Upgrading MySQL - Best Practices Webinar
Using MySQL 5.5 Performance Schema (1 of 4)
Using MySQL 5.5 Performance Schema (2 of 4)
Using Percona Toolkit for Smooth MySQL Operations Every Day
Using Percona XtraBackup
Using Storage Class Memory
Verifying Replication Integrity with Percona Toolkit
Virtualized Block Device I_O Performance
Webinar Percona XtraDB Cluster - Installation and Setup
Webinar - Zero-Downtime Schema Changes in MySQL
Websites on Speed
What's New In MariaDB
Your Disk Array is Slower Than it Should Be

Year 2012
Language English
Collection bliptv; vlogs


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